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Due to what seems like popular demand, and not to mention my total excitement about all of this, I decided I'm going to go ahead and start taking orders for these before my official Etsy store goes live.

So, here are the details!

Each pendant is approximately 25 x 30mm (see size comparison) and is available by itself or with a 16-inch (approx. 40mm) chain.

Each bracelet is about 7.25-inches long, but please let me know if that needs to be longer or shorter. Each has a toggle clasp, but if you'd prefer something different please let me know. The beaded part is on wire, so is flexible.

(all prices USD)
bracelet alone: $6
pendant alone: $6
pendant with chain: $8
bracelet and pendant (no chain) together: $10
bracelet and pendant (with chain): $12

Want a full set?
Set of 6 pendants + 1 chain: $32
Set of 6 bracelets: $30
Complete set (6 bracelets, 6 pendants, 1 chain): $50

I accept payment via paypal.

Update: Shipping Information
Prices according to US First Class mail. If you are international or require faster shipping, we'll work it out.
Shipped in a 6x9 bubble mailer (starts from $0.88). Includes insurance ($1.80 on orders up to $50).
$3 to $4, depending on order size.
For more information on rates, see: USPS First-class mail prices and USPS Insurance prices

Send me an email at to set up your order or for additional details.

Pieces are made to order, so I can make small changes:
- Love the style of the Unicorns but want Fluttershy's colors? No problem! Choose your pendant style.
- Measure your wrist! Make sure the bracelet will have the fit that you want. (Same goes for necklace chain.)
- Want the colors of a different character or your OC pony? Can do! Just give me a little extra time to get the right colors.
- Think these are too girly to wear? I can hang the charm on a metal bookmark or a short chain to hang on your wall/window/rearview mirror or whatever! I'm open to suggestions.

Note: Before you pay and before I ship, I'll take a photo of your finished piece and send it to you, just to make sure it's just what you want. Your happiness is important to me!
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Kelikitten Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Omigosh, I want the Pinkie Pie pendant so badly.
Nines-Tempest Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ponychan is honestly just a random message board with ponies. Cannot truly be associated with 4chan in any way.
ComparativeRarity Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
Whoops sorry.

Anyway though they've been posted on Equestria Daily, and they'll mention me again sometime soon. I've been in contact with the fine folks (foalks?) who run it, and they'll be updating their information about independant merch shops soon, including mine.
armordcrab Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
You should also put these on ponychan, if you haven't already.
ComparativeRarity Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
I should, but admittedly I tend to avoid chans...I dunno, things get disorganized quickly there, in my experience. Also they eat up dangerous amounts of my time, because I'm so easily distrac--
armordcrab Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
i know what you mean but it's slower moving and you only need to post one thread and watch it
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Submitted on
June 7, 2011